Tattoo AfterCare

Our staff is certified in both, blood-borne pathogen and cross-contamination prevention training. It is our job to ensure that your tattoo has been applied in a clean environment using the most up to date sterile techniques.  We practice universal safety precautions and use single service equipment.  It is now your job to heal your tattoo properly and your responsibility to ensure a good heal.  Your new tattoo is basically an open wound and will take about 10 to 14 days to heal.  Until then, please treat it like one.  Especially, do not in any way contaminate your new tattoo.  This means wash your hands before applying lotion, and never let anyone else touch or breathe on your new tattoo.  Follow instructions below.

·         Always remember to wash your hands before and after cleaning or applying Tattoo Aftercare ointment or unscented lotion to your new tattoo.

·         Remove your bandage after 1-2 hours.  Wash your tattoo at this time.  DO NOT put another bandage on.

·         The first washing is very important.  Make a good lather with DIAL antibacterial soap and warm water, using your fingertips to remove all blood and secretions.  This is important as any secretions left behind will form a scab.  If you don’t scab, you’ll heal more quickly.

·         Please be careful and pat your tattoo dry.  Don’t rub it with a towel or washcloth.  After washing your tattoo, let it dry for ½ hour to 1 hour, then apply a thin layer of unscented lotion.  Each day, your tattoo will dry out a little more and require more frequent applications of unscented lotion.

·         Your tattoo will visibly dry out, start peeling, and possibly scab where heavy amounts of ink were put in.  Do not pick, scratch, or rub the peeling skin/scabs; they will fall off on their own.  If you try to pull any pieces that appear loose, you may end up pulling out color.

·         Once the peeling stage begins, your tattoo will begin to itch.  Itching is a sign of healing.  Please don’t scratch.  To relieve the itchiness, lightly slap or pat your tattoo.

·         Be sure to allow your tattoo to “breathe”.  Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing over it until it heals.

·         Absolutely no swimming, soaking the tattoo in hot tubs/baths, or direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks.  It is best to use sunscreen for the life of your tattoo

·         Do not wear dry-cleaned clothing over your tattoo for 2 ½ weeks.

Take care of your new tattoo to ensure that it heals properly, after all its only 2 weeks! Any questions?